You will first need to set-up holiday entitlement for the employee(s) before you can record and pay holiday through the software.

Below is a basic guide on setting up holiday absences.

Setting up Holiday Entitlement

Right click the employees name on the payroll home-screen and select ‘Employee Maintenance’ > ‘Personal’ – in here you can set-up the employee holiday allowance:

  • Holiday Hours:
    If the employee’s holiday entitlement is measured in hours tick the ‘Holiday Hours’ tick box. If left un-ticked the holiday entitlement will be measured in days.
  • Holiday Allowance:
    The total amount of holiday entitlement should be entered here.
  • Holiday Taken:
    Displays the amount of holiday taken, half days appear as 0.5. This field is automatically populated when holidays are taken.

Recording Holiday

Once you have set-up holiday entitlement for your employee(s) you can then record it when going to pay the employee for the pay period.

  • A holiday absence is recorded when paying the employee: Right click the employees name down the left hand side and select ‘Open and Pay Employee’ > ‘Change’ > ‘Absence Recording’

  • Click the ‘Add New Absence’ button and select ‘Holiday’ from the ‘Absence Type’ drop down box. Enter the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ as required
  • Enter in the days/hours they have taken in the ‘Holiday Taken’ box
  • Click ‘Save Absence’
  • Continue to the next section below ‘Recording Holiday Additions’.

This function is used purely to record holiday absence dates and holiday taken. It does not calculate holiday pay automatically. Holiday pay needs to be applied as an addition where you can specify the amount of holiday pay.

Recording Holiday Additions

Once the holiday absence has been recorded, you will need to set-up an addition if you want to pay out holiday alongside any basic pay the employee is receiving. This will then show the holiday and basic pay separately on the payslip.

Creating a Holiday Addition:

  • Whilst still on the ‘Absence Recording’ tab (continuing on from the ‘Recording Holiday’ section of the manual above) – click on the ‘Additions’ tab.
  • Click the ‘Create Addition’ button in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Click the ‘Add New’ button of the new screen that pops up.
  • Enter the addition name under ‘Description’ as ‘Holiday’ or ‘Holiday Pay’, whatever you want to call it (the name will appear on the additions).
  • Set a short code if required (for importing additions using spreadsheets in Payroll Bureau/Specialist)
  • Tick the relevant ‘Subject to’ tick boxes (Tax, NI and Att. Earn will be ticked by default)
  • Specify a rate/rate factor if paying the holiday addition on an hourly rate
  • Click ‘Save’ and ‘Close’.

Adding in a Holiday Addition:

  • Whilst still in the ‘Open and Pay Employee’ > ‘Change’ screen click on the ‘Additions’ tab.
  • Select ‘Add New Addition’.
  • Select the holiday addition you have created from the drop down box.
  • Enter in the ‘Amount/Hours’ you want to pay the employee.
  • Click ‘Save Addition’ and then ‘Close’.
  • The holiday pay figure will appear in the ‘Additions’ column of the open and pay screen.
  • You can now calculate and pay the employee.
  • Any holiday absence days/hours taken will be recorded under ‘Employee Maintenance’ > ‘Personal’.

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