Qtac have teamed up with pensionsync to streamline and simplify data exchange between payroll software and pension providers.

Using pensionsync’s secure API, Qtac is now able to send and retrieve contribution and membership information from supported pension providers in just a few clicks.

Creating a PensionSync account through Qtac

If you navigate to ‘Auto Enrolment > Create Pension Sync Account‘. The Pension Sync portal will automatically load in a new web browser. Complete all sections to create your account.

Creating a Legal & General Pension Scheme

Select “Create Pension Scheme” from the “Auto Enrolment” menu. A new web browser window will open, logging you into the pensionsync portal.

Click New Scheme.

Complete all sections of the sign up form.

L&G only allow 4-Weekly and Monthly contributions. If the company’s pay frequency is Weekly, 2-Weekly or 4-Weekly, select the 4-Weekly Contribution Frequency. Otherwise select Monthly.

Once complete, the employer is sent an email so that they can complete the final stage of the process.

The email message can be customised before it is sent to the employer.

Employer Sign Off

To verify the employer’s identity two factor authentication is used. To complete the process the employer must input verification code sent by text and agree to the terms and conditions.

After the employer has approved the scheme and completed the direct debit, there is just the actual submission to the provider for the bureau to undertake.

If you go into the SMT and look on the pending tab, the scheme should be present with a green arrow on the right hand side to ‘Submit’, if you click this, the scheme will be sent to Pension Sync.

Click the Submit button.

If this isn’t clear, it is covered in the linked video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4r9ttQWR50&list=PLNa77fLLAFT1O47njZ62lqHo99x0qJTuI&index=5

Create the L&G Pension Scheme in Qtac

Complete the Pension Fund form in Qtac.

Check ‘Use Pension Provider API’. Note: It is critical that this is checked prior to paying employees for the pay period that you will be submitting, as Qtac will flag these payments as requiring submission.

Submitting New Members to L&G

This is a task that should be performed every pay period to check for opt outs and cessations. To retrieve worker updates click “Auto Enrolment > Legal & General > Retrieve Worker Updates”

To view updated records, click View Information.

Retrieve Worker Updates

Only 4-weekly and Monthly contributions can be sent to L&G. Weekly and 2-weekly paid employees will be rolled up in the 4-weekly submission.

Submit Contributions

To submit new members click “Auto Enrolment > Legal & General > Submit New Members”. Select the correct pay period and click submit. Once complete “Successfully Submitted” will be displayed.

If processing is required on pensionsync’s server you’ll received this message:

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