This guide will walk you through creating a new NEST pension scheme using the QTAC software.

If you already have a NEST pension scheme which you would like to setup within the QTAC software, click here.

Before you can create a new scheme, you must first have a NEST account. This can either be a NEST employer account or if you are creating schemes on behalf of your clients, you require a NEST Connect or Delegate account. You can create either accounts by visiting the NEST website.

Scheme Setup

The first step is to navigate to the NEST Scheme Setup wizard. Using the menu at the top of the software go to Auto Enrolment > NEST Scheme Setup.

You will then be presented with the first stage of the wizard, enter your NEST login details and press Next.

Company Details

Add in the first pieces of information for your Company/Pension. If the pre-entered information appears incorrect you can change this information in Company Maintenance by pressing the ‘Update Company Information’ button. Staging Date and Number of Workers can be altered on this screen.

Enter Primary Contact Information

Enter in the details of the person who will be the primary auto enrolment contact for the company.

Creating a Group

Create a “Group” for your pension. Groups are used to separate your employees into sections. Each Group can have its own pay frequency and contribution settings. If you have a weekly and a monthly payroll you will need to have at least 2 groups. You are only able to create one group from this menu in the QTAC software. If you would like to create another group you will need to log into our NEST account and create it online after the scheme is setup.

Pension Scheme Details

This window will allow you to choose what value of contributions are to be taken from your payroll. You can choose to have the contributions set to the legal minimum for that particular year, or you can set the contributions to be the elevated amount that will be the minimum in 2018. If you would like to use custom contributions – select the default contributions option. Once you have done this you can go onto the NEST site and change the contributions to be the custom values. You can then change this in the software in “Company > Pensions”  or you can use the “Retrieve NEST Setup” feature within the software, click here for further information.

Summary of Information

This is the final stage where you can check the details that have been entered. If there is any incorrect information you can use the “Back” button to return to any previous screens. Press “Submit” to submit the scheme to NEST.

Submission Successful

The last window you will see is the successful submission screen. This will display when the information has been successfully submitted to NEST. This does not mean that you have received your response. In order for these settings to create a pension in the QTAC software you will have to retrieve the submissions response from NEST.

Retrieving Response

To retrieve the status of the new scheme submission, navigate to “Auto Enrolment” > “Retrieve Pending Submissions and press “Retrieve Responses

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